Telling True Stories

Talk to strangers. Be a nosy neighbor. Sit by the old woman on the swing. Everyone has a story. Play hookie. Roam aimlessly. Let someone else drive. Ride the bus. Walk the docks. Look around. Read the walls. Check the bulletin boards at libraries an laundromats. Bit bad papers. Scour the classifieds. Sit on the bench. Be a fly on the wall. Eavesdrop at beauty paroles. Eat lunch alone. Make freaky friends. Opposites attract. Befriend photographers. Use your friends for ideas and contacts. Get a life. Eat dirt at the drag strip. Join bowling leagues-not junior leagues. Go to festivals. Ignore important people. See who’s in their shadows, who’s holding their cocktails. Wrote about celebrities. Celebrate losers. Dreams don’t always come true. Ask people about their failures, lessons learned. Wonder: Who would ever? Here’s to you, mr. golf ball picker-upper. Someone has to do it. Hang out at bars (or coffee shops). Check out different doves. Try a martini. Always come back to Cheers.

From Lane DeGregory, 2009 Pulitzer winner.


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