Taming my career choices

I think too much when I jog. I was on a trail, when I thought: I’m ready to be done with school but I’m not ready to go to work. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Believe me, I want to get started in my career. But I’m not sure if I’m prepared to commit to one singular career choice. Such is my life. Commitment is my biggest fear. I seriously can’t even decide which 90 minute movie to put on Netflix.

That’s me. No patience. I need everything in small bite sized chunks and I need them at my convenience. But I think that’s my generation’s preference overall. That’s why Twitter is so popular. No one gives a shit about your 4,000 word blog posts. We want our news in under 500 words and our entertainment in under 140 characters.

So I’m considering abandoning writing for something more visual.

I love writing. It’s the cornerstone of communication. It’s the most necessary skill for any profession. But journalism isn’t just any profession. Ever since I began college, I’ve been told that journalism is changing. I guess I want to be part of that change.

I’m considering applying to Columbia (God help me) and the University of Washington. Columbia Journalism School has a really interesting program on “Audience and Engagement” in their Master of Science program that focuses on social media and “digital news design.” The program allows you to take courses in its multimedia and writing tracks, also. The University of Washington also has some very prospective master’s programs. The first is the Communications Leadership program. It seems to have more of a public relations focus, but some of the courses are on social media, video games and even comic books. So what’s not to love? Secondly, pretty much anything in the UW’s School of Art graduate program looks awesome. The program has three tracks: visual communication design, interaction design and industrial design, all of which would be a huge benefit to my portfolio.

Keeping up with the latest tech and media in journalism is a mind boggling business. Instead of playing catch up, I want to lead.

tl;dr I want to stay in school. I hope grad school will land me a better job. 


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