Inspiring cartoons

My dad got me into journalism. Growing up, there was always a newspaper on the kitchen table in the morning next to a half-empty mug of coffee and he was always buried into both. My mornings usually began with the sound of mom and dad crinkling the paper open and shut as they searched their favorite sections.

Before I really took an interest in journalism as a career, my dad used to show me the David Horsey comics in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. (This was when the paper was still in print and I was still in high school.) Horsey’s comics were always so easy to understand, even for a high schooler with little knowledge of the world. They made me feel smart, engaged, but they also made me laugh.

Photo Apr 21, 11 22 45 PM (1)A
My Earth Day 2015 illustration.

I considered becoming a cartoonist in high school. I scribbled a lot in my teenage years. I drew a bunch of weird shit. My mom said it was cool, which was enough to keep my going. Even though the idea of professional illustration died in college, I still consider dabbling into it.

And so this week I made an illustration. In my letter from the Editor, which was about a Earth Day’s importance in Louisiana, I scribbled up a picture in AdobeIdeas of a truck driver tossing a piece of trash out of his car.

Perhaps this won’t win me any awards, but I really enjoyed creating it and I hope to continue.


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