Odds and Ends: My photos that didn’t quite make Instagram in 2016

I tried to do more photography than ever in 2016, and for the most part I think I succeeded.

I made a resolution to take more photographs of people that year. To be bolder. More in your face. To tell better stories with my photos. To be more concrete and less abstract.

Looking back I made good on that resolution. Many of my photos in 2016 are filled with people. Some are candid, some not so much. I don’t always post these on my Instagram page. Usually it’s because I don’t think the photos are worthy of sharing. I’m not a big fan of #latergram. I try to share things that are relevant, or at least recent.

Looking back, here are several that I took in 2016 that I wish I had posted.

The Bishop of the Baton Rouge Diocese at Holy Family Church in Port Allen, Louisiana. I guess I was going for symmetry here.

A girl jumps aboard a ride at a carnival. I just personally enjoy this photo. I don’t know what the message is, but I like it.

A man and his dogs watch as the sun goes down at Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana.

Two West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies serve a warrant at a trailer park on U.S. Hwy. 190. Photographing law enforcement officers and crime-related scenes is something I hope to do more of in 2017.

An accordion player sings into the microphone during a Fourth of July concert in Port Allen, Louisiana. I wish I remember the name of the band because they were incredible. They played Cajun versions of Bob Marley and Black Sabbath.

I have a million pictures of the Baton Rouge flood in August, 2016, but this one just sticks out to me. These two buildings had been abandoned for some time, but the owner began to redevelop them a month before the rain came. The canal behind them flooded everything. This is in my backyard. Fortunately, we didn’t get flooded.

Two officers with the LSU Police Department. The veteran and the rookie. This photo was also taken during the flood. Everyone was on high alert and staying busy.

Hardcore Cajuns. I really tried to line up a shot on this guy. The character is what makes the picture. Taken at the West Baton Rouge Sugar Fest.

More of an artsy shot. This is at the Baton Rouge marina, downtown, on the Mississippi River. It looks a little phallic.

A dance squad from a local high school during a Christmas parade in Port Allen, Louisiana.


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