The question at the end of the headline

“…They don’t believe that they are able to tell the truth without a question mark.” – Jon Lovett

I started my liberal indoctrination listening to Pod Save America a few months ago.

The show was an instant favorite, but now it’s fair to say it’s the reigning champion among my political podcast list. (Sorry Slate’s Political Gabfest.)

Far from anything journalistic, Pod Save is blunt liberal propaganda (something I think the show hosts will openly admit). But the show’s affirmation of core American values is reassuring, encouraging and, all-too-often, something missing in the news media.

This latter point was made by show host Jon Lovett on Jan. 15.

Lovett and his co-hosts laid into weak-kneed news reporting following the recent “shithole” debacle. News stories with titles such as “Is Trump a Racist?” are a dereliction of journalistic responsibility, Lovett says:

“They write those stories because they don’t believe that they are able to tell the truth without a question mark. We should think about why that is. Why the institutions that the conservatives deride as ‘liberal’ and ‘biased’ and ‘on our side’ and ‘helping us everyday’; why do they not feel they have the editorial independence to just tell us the truth on this, and I think that speaks to the white supremacy that allowed Donald Trump to succeed in the first place…. There’s a pool of American voters that we’re not allowed to tell the truth about, and Donald Trump is one of those people. I think the question should be how do we get the question mark off the end of those headlines.”


I don’t know if it’s the media’s responsibility to call Trump a “racist,” but Lovett’s point illustrates a major weakness of mainstream media. The question “is Trump a racist?” is apparent.


If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Here’s the full Jan. 15 episode, entitled “Our American Apology Tour.”



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